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Flip Flops and Fitness - Apollo Beach gymnasticsWelcome to Flip Flops & Fitness! The gymnastics and tumbling classes are fifty-minutes long and include approximately 10 minutes of warm-up and stretching exercises, 30 minutes of instruction, and 10 minutes of strength exercises. Classes are scheduled on the hour on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3PM to 9PM. There are no Friday or Saturday classes.

The class registration fee is $5.00 and registration confirms a student's enrollment in a specific class on a specific day. The registration process includes completing a two-sided registration card, a parental and student review of the safety rules with the signing the release statement, providing proof of medical insurance (provide a copy of the student's medical insurance card), and paying the first month tuition and for any additional classes for the remainder of a partial month when registering during the middle of the month rather than at the beginning of the month. Payment may be by check or cash. FF&F does not accept credit cards in order to keep prices as low as possible. Returned checks from the bank for non-sufficient funds are automatically charged a $30.00 fee. Parents or guardians are required to inform FF&F if a student will be out of class for a month or more and the student plans to return. Students who have non-continuous enrollment, "a one- month lapse in attendance during the year," must repeat their registration for class and again pay the $5.00 fee. The class registration fee increases to $10.00 when FF&F was not pre-notified of a student's pending enrollment lapse. There are no make-ups of missed classes. Classes must be taken consecutive weeks on the selected day and time. FF&F is open on most one-day holidays except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Year's Day. FF&F can be closed for special events related to acrobatic sports. Please read the posted 'monthly tuition schedule' for information, holidays, and other closures that can occur each month.
Bruce and Rita Davis
The tuition payment for a fifty-minute class each week of the month is $40.00 and is due the first class meeting of each month. Checks are payable to Flip Flops & Fitness. Late tuition payment must include a $5.00 late fee. Tuitions are non-refundable and non-transferable. The tuition cost for one class is $12.00 and may be used in special cases. Write your name and the student's name on a tuition envelope provided at the front desk. On your check, record the student's name and the month of tuition payment, place your check or cash into the envelope, and deposit the envelop into the wall tuition box by the front desk. New students can enroll in the middle of a month by paying the registration fee, and for the classes left in the month at a rate of $10.00 per class plus the next month's tuition. A Student may take more than one class per week. The tuition for a second class is $40.00. There is no registration fee for a second class.

The Gymnastics Events For Girls include jumps & vaults, single bar, balance beam, tumbling, & trampoline.

The Gymnastics Events For Boys include tumbling, pommel horse, rings, jumps & vaults, parallel bars, bar, & trampoline.

The Proper Dress For Girls is a leotard. The Proper Dress For Boys is shorts and T-shirt tucked-in.
Required Accessories Include A Gym Bag. In the gym bag, the gymnast or tumbler keeps a towel, hair -tie, socks and warm-up suit. Other accessories may include long apparatus pants, gym or cheerlead shoes, white tape, a nail clipper, long-sleeved shirt, wrist supports and hand guards or grips. flip flops and fitness - welcomes kids of all ages

Proof Of Medical Insurance must be presented at the time of registration and reconfirmed on request. All students are required to carry medical accident insurance. Make a copy of your medical insurance card and it will be attached to your registration card.

All students and parents must strictly adhere to THE SAFETY RULES listed on this handout. Please report all injuries to the instructor immediately. Students who arrive early for class should be warming up only and may not interfere with students in a class or by monopolizing equipment. Students who stay after class with the permission of the instructor are doing strength exercises only unless directed otherwise by the instructor.

BRUCE DAVIS, the DIRECTOR OF FLIP FLOPS & FITNESS, began his gymnastics career at Athenaeum Turners in Indianapolis, Indiana at age eight under the instruction of Walt Lienert. Bruce competed for Southern Connecticut State University 1962-65. Olympians Abie Grossfeld, Muriel Grossfeld, Don Tonry, and Jamile Ashmore, Pan American Games gold medalist, coached Bruce.
After receiving his Masters degree in 1966 from Ohio University, Bruce taught and coached at Miami Dade College for 33 years. He coached the 1969 NJCAA National Champions and won five consecutive NAIGC Men's Championships (1993-97).
Bruce directed Gymiami, Inc. for 17 years (1969-85) training gymnasts like World Champion Kurt Thomas and Cathy Shotwell, National team member.
Bruce worked as the Managing Editor of International Gymnast magazine while on a leave of absence from the MDC in 1981/82.
Bruce served in the following gymnastics leadership: NJCAA Coaches Association President, Region 8 Junior Olympic Director, USGF Boy's State Chairman and National AAU Junior Olympic Boy's Gymnastics Chairman.
Bruce received his FIG judging brevet in 1969
As Meet Director, Bruce directed the 1970 AAU National Championships, the USGF 1971 World Cup, the Women's Pan American Games Trials, two USSR Exhibitions, four NJCAA Men's Championships and numerous USGF State Championship meets.
Bruce is a Professor Emeritus of Miami Dade College. Bruce taught health and wellness courses and numerous physical education activity courses. Bruce served four terms as North Campus Faculty Senate President and one term as the Faculty Senate's Consortium President. He received the distinguished Endowed Teaching Chair in 1994.


1. Students may not use cell phones in the gym area.
2. All street clothing and shoes must be placed in the locker room or in your gym bag.
3. Jewelry may not be worn when participating in gymnastics.
4. Do not bring valuables to the gym.
5. The following are prohibited in the gym: glass, gum, food, sugar or energy drinks, and smoking.
6. Gymnasts may not workout without supervision.
7. Gymnasts may not be on the equipment before or after class without permission.
8. Visually safety check and hand check equipment adjustments prior to use.
9. The instructor will supervise equipment adjustments.
10. All gymnasts must workout in the proper uniform. Long hair must be up and secured.
11. Gymnastics is a dangerous motion sport.
12. Do not attempt gymnastics skills without instruction and permission from the instructor.
13. Follow a progression of simple skills to more complex skills.
14. Prepare mentally and physically to perform each skill.
15. Use a spotter to execute any dangerous or difficult skills unless told otherwise by the instructor.
16. Do not attempt any skill where the head and neck rotates under the body without instruction and permission.
17. Place the proper amount of mats underneath the equipment when you are performing skills.
18. Do not fold mats improperly. It may damage the mat.
19. Return moved equipment and mats to their proper position.
20. Do not attempt aerial somersaults on the trampoline or mini-trampoline without permission.
21. Do not ever have two gymnasts bouncing on the trampoline at the same time without permission.
22. Do not work on the trampoline without supervision.
23. A student must have permission to workout beyond a scheduled class time.
24. Do not touch or lean on the mirrors or perform skills toward the mirrors.
25. Do not run in the gym unless it is a planned, supervised activity (IRREGULAR FLOOR AREAS)
26. Keep the gym clean and orderly. Do not get chalk on the floor.
27. All gymnasts must have posted medical insurance coverage to participate.
28. After class stay inside the gym until your ride arrives. Be picked-up promptly.
29. Parents may not be on the gym floor during class because FF&F's insurer does not insure them. 30. Recycle water bottles by placing empty bottles in the recycling bin. (Pay for your water or bring from home)
31. Young children who are not enrolled in class must not be on the gym floor or equipment. (No playing or toys or balls)
32. Only buy gymnastics accessories (wrist guards and hand guards) from a reputable gymnastics supplier.
33. FF&F is open on most one-day holidays. FF&F closes for events like the World Acrobatics Society.
34. Leotard exchange: Turn in a leotard and take one for $1.00 or buy a leotard for $5.00.


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