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Let’s Talk Gymnastics,, is an interactive website that is editorializing on the state of the sport of artistic gymnastics in the United States and internationally. This website permits everyone involved in gymnastics to discuss, explain, comment on the direction of the sport in the United States and in the international gymnastics communities. Current policy and procedure by USA Gymnastics (USAG), the ruling sports body in the United States; and, by the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG), the international ruling sports body, will be questioned and analyzed. Guest editorials will be included.

Let’s Talk Gymnastics will also carry historical biographical articles and classic photography of American gymnastics pioneers. Young American gymnasts tend to know only the gymnasts within their own generation. Today’s gymnastic community knows very little about Bruce Davis - Gymnastic coach with experiencepast generations of gymnastic personalities and entities that built the foundation for the sport of gymnastics. The history of the development of the sport in America is fascinating and interesting. Trampolinists, tumblers, divers, acrosports participants, hotdog skiers, stuntmen and other related sports will be covered.

The future of gymnastics is yet to be determined nationally and internationally. Open communications and knowledge of gymnastics’ past history will help direct the sport to make the best choices for its future development.

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